Thursday, July 2, 2020

Yu Yu Hakusho Movies (Movies rating: 6/10 and 9/10)

Urameshi Yuusuke is your typical teenage delinquent. But underneath it all he has a good heart. So good that when he dies saving a little boy, the spirit realm is stumped. They had not planned for him to die since, by their calculations, there was no way Yuusuke would try to save that boy. Now he’s stuck as a ghost. But if he agrees to become a spirit detective and subdue violent spirits, he’ll be brought back to life. And thus begins Yuusuke’s new life. Making friends, enemies, learning new moves, and one day maybe saving the world.

So yeah, a couple of days ago a pretty good BD version of the show came out on torrents. I thought I’d sweeten the deal with the movies. YYH was one of the first battle shounen I ever saw. I really liked it. Sure, it had TWO tournament arcs, but they were fun as hell. Now, the first movie is really just one third of an actual movie. It was part of a triple feature alongside a DBZ and Dr.Slump promotion. It’s really just an extra episode of the show, with a simple plot: get back the golden seal that was stolen. The second movie is where it’s at. Full length and in my opinion one of the best movie a shounen franchise ever got. A loved the story, the battles were intense and the cinematography was top notch.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Kishin Douji Zenki (Series rating: 6/10)

Hundreds of years ago, the great priest Ozunu Enno fought off the demon goddess Karuma. Once the seal was in place, he also sealed his most powerful servant, Zenki. Zenki’s seal should be removed when the evils of Karuma would once again show themselves. This task befalls his descendant, Chiaki Enno. Evil seeds of the demon goddess have appeared and possess anyone weak enough to fall prey to their promises. Now Chiaki must unseal Zenki and together vanquish the evil once of for all. One problem though: Zenki hates taking orders and doesn’t really like humans that much. And Chiaki’s not a very skilled priestess. Good think Ozunu put a double seal on Zenki so he couldn’t just do whatever he wanted once awakened. Now Chiaki and Zenki are stuck together and must learn to get along, or die.

Another remux. This is an old, not that popular show from the mid 90s. I liked it enough, but it does have some problems. It’s an action fantasy show with a heavy Japanese mysticism feel to it. It’s great if you love youkain and onmyoujis. It’s very similar to Inuyasha (yes, I’m still working on that). I guess that’s why I liked it. Hell, Zenki and Inuyasha share the same voice actor. My problem with Zenki is that it has a very slow start, the second half is kind of… meh… and it has this talent of wasting time. Especially with the reused animation. Does the same thing TOEI does: at least once an episode you have a long transformation sequence. Gets worse in the second half where you can have two, plus another one for summoning the special weapon. Still, I enjoyed it. The first opening is a complete banger. VAJURA ON!

The video source is from the R1 release, as such so are the subtitles. Internal vobsubs.
This release contains some extras, so let me explain:
  1. Kishin Douji Zenki This archive contains sotfsubs. I did not make them. They are from another release. They are timed to this release, but I have no verified them, just gave them the same style. Use at your own risk. It’s for those people that complain about vobsubs. Don’t expect this for every release that uses vobsubs though. I’m not putting any extra effort, these were just already available.
  2. “Things Missing From The R1 Release” folder. Literally that. For some reason, the extras from the Japanese release were only ever released in Japan and China. The reast of the world never got the 2nd opening, or the 2nd and 3rd endings. The only available copy of these extras are from the DVD rip of Simu. Sadly, it’s a very bad upscale. Look for yourself:
  3. Gaiden OVA. Zenki had an OVA. It does not fit into the timeline of the anime or the manga. It’s also not that well animated but it does have Chiaki’s boobs. Sadly, it’s quite rare. You can either watch a very low bitrate/resolution version with bad audio or an upscale with washed out over-cropped video. Pick your poison.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Joshikousei No Mudazukai (Series rating: 6/10)

Tanaka Nozomu decided to give all her friends nicknames based on their personality. The otaku became Wota, the emotionless girl became Robo, the small girl became Loli, the delusional girl became Yamai, the serious girl became Majime. So what nickname did Nozomu get? Baka, obviously.

A slice of live comedy about a group of high-school girls. These shows are the hardest to write a description about because what more can I say? I didn’t think the first 2 episodes were funny, so I passed this one up when it was airing. Shouldn’t have done that because the show got much better. Sure, you won’t be dying of laughter, but it’s quite amusing. Ended up a pretty good way to pass the time.

Subs are from Erai.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Kanamemo (Series rating: 6/10)

Nakamachi Kana was living with her grandma, her only living relative. Sadly, she too passed away, leaving Kana all alone. Having nowhere to go, she is forced to get a job at a local newspaper. There she meets other young women down on their luck, forced to work under a strict manager that puts the job before anything else, regardless of how much the girls have to suffer.
Yeah, this is actually a comedy. Kana’s not really all alone, she just thinks she is. The other girls at the paper enjoy the work and the strict manager is an elementary school girl. The only suffering is brought by Haruka’s molestation attempts and the occasional barking dog.

Another older show. This never got a BD in Japan, so this is really an upscale. But it’s better then the DVD version, and the subtitles are actually accurate for one. Yeah, we all remember the Underwater subs, but looking over them, they had a lot of errors. Anyway, I enjoyed this show. It’s very cute. My only problem was Haruka. The lesbian lolicon joke was dated even then, and here it’s done every single episodes multiple times. It got really annoying really quickly. If Haruka wasn’t voiced by Horie Yui, I would that skipped past those scenes.

This is from the US BD, internal PGS subtitles. Yellow, for some insane reason.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Girly Air Force (Series rating: 9/10)

Humanity is attacked by a mysterious force called the Xi. They attack with high-speed aerial force that is completely beyond humanities best fighters. Not only can they perform impossible quick turns they also jam any electronic device in their vicinity making tracking them impossible. While regular missiles do destroy them, it’s next to impossible because they cannot be locked on to. This all changes with the creation of Animas. An Anima is the humanoid “core” of an enhanced plane. This core gives the place abilities that can surpass the Xi. There are numerous limitations though: the correct process for creating an Anima is not really knows and only one Anima can exist for a type of plane.

During an evacuation from China, who fell to Xi forces, Narutani Kei si separated from his parents and attacked by the Xi. He is saved by a strange machine that destroys the Xi, but then crashes itself in the ocean. Desperate to save the pilot that had saved him, Kei rushes to the plane only to find a beautiful girl inside that kisses him before passing out. Later, while trying to find out who that girl and the plane is, Kei is “recurited” in the army and made the partner of Gripen, the first Anima of Japan.

OK, here’s a premise that on paper made this anime out to be crap. But I checked it out anyway because Gripen was cute. I am very glad I did. This was the one show of the season that I watched the second it downloaded because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. They managed to take a used idea (girls as avatars on ships/planes/etc) and make it entertaining by modifying the formula just a bit. Gripen is not an ace pilot/avatar with OP abilities. She’s actually… pretty stupid. And before Kei came along she was pretty useless as well. And she’s slow. But she’s also really sweet. Her interactions with Kei were diabetes inducing. Eagle and Phantom are pretty nice too, though Eagle’s immature behavior and Phantom’s smugness do get irritating at times. Rhyno was also really interesting, but her backstory was… dark.
This anime is basically a spiritual successor of Air Combat, the video games. And the air battles are pretty damn cool. But what really impressed me was the final arc. The series doesn’t end with an epic battle, though there is a battle. Instead we get a very Silent Hill-like final episodes that were genuinely creepy that end with a look inside the head of the Xi, and it’s not pretty. Subs by Horrible-Subs.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Tales Of Eternia (Series rating: 6/10)

Two world exist, mirroring each other: Inferia and Celestia. The worlds can see each other, but cannot interact. Until now. On Inferia, Reid , Farah and Keele have been friends all their life. One day, out of nowhere, a strange girl falls from the sky in front of them. This girl speaks an unknown language. She’s Meredy, from Celestia. And she’s there to seek help in stopping what could be the end of both worlds: the Grand Fall. The two worlds are set to collide with each other and kill off every living thing. It’s up to them to stop it. But along the way they stop off an exotic island to have a side-adventure: this anime.

If I said it was based on the video game it would be a stretch. This literally IS a side-quest. On the bright side you don’t need to know anything about the game other then the synopsis in order to enjoy the standard fantasy adventure anime. It does look pretty good, but I’m biassed because I love this aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with the show, but it’s a fairly standard story. Some fights, some comedy and a flimsy story to string it together. You’ve probably seen this 100 times, but if you’re in the mood for some 00’ anime, why the hell not?
This is a TV rip. It’s quite rare when anime is re-aired on Japanese TV. Even better when the TV rip looks better then the DVD. The video is from Reinforce. The subtitles, on the other hand, I have no idea where they came from. I got them off a Russian website. It’s funny because the crappy DVD rips I had of this (which removed the OP and ED) had a disclaimer at the beginning saying that they have no clue where the subs came from either. Anyway, I think these are the same subs that were posted in a now dead link at the Reinforce torrent. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress - The Movies (Series rating: 8/10)

A horrible virus is plaguing the land. Those infected become mindless corpses walking around trying to infect others by biting them. There is no cure, and what is worse, these walking corpses are immortal unless their heart is pierced. And said heart is protected by an organic steel cage making killing them almost impossible. Ikoma is a young man living peacefully in a small village. He’s a bit of an inventor, working on a weapon that could pierce the heart of the corpses. When the village is attacked by the corpses and Ikoma himself is bitten he makes one last gamble. One of his inventions is supposed to stop the virus from infecting you. To his surprise, not only does it work, but it turns him into a hybrid. He has the strength of the corpses, but his mind is intact. He meets Mumei, a young girl who is extremely adept at killing the corpses. Together they set of on a journey with no real mission then to survive.

It’s the Zombie Apocalypse in Feudal Steampunk Japan! So, the first two movies are just a recap of the TV series with a couple of new scenes at the beginning and the end. Nothing revolutionary but it does have 5.1 sound. The third movie is the actual sequel to the TV series. I found the movie quite nice. The antagonist was much better then Biba, who was a little bitch to the end. All three movies look and sound great, of course. Hope they continue the franchise.

Subtitles are from Crunchyroll.